‘Obtain better nights of sleep, protected by Ray Guard’

Courtesy: Professor Marinelli, Researcher at IGM-CNR Bologna, Italy

RayGuard Solutions


citizens are increasingly aware, despite the efforts of pro-mobile lobbies, of the risks of uncontrolled exposure to the waves.


As the density of waves increases constantly in our environment with connected counters&objects, high-voltage lines, wind farms, mobile phone relays (now banned near schools), electric cars, not protecting your health from excess waves, means letting your health and fertility gradually ruin itself.
In this polluted environment all around us, all that remains is the choice of individual protection. Since animals are more sensitive to waves than humans, in Austria and Switzerland, countries that are very sensitive to the problems generated by artificial waves, farmers frequently install anti-waves products in their stables and see the well-being and productivity of their animals improve.


Ray Guard is the Swiss antiwave solution since 1998, created by an electro-sensitive engineer, Ray Guard inspired the Swiss antiwave laws of 1998 and 2008, and consequently the European directive of 2013. Ray Guard technologies are also used in paints on American aircraft that are invisible on radar. 
Sold in more than 40 countries, with an unlimited lifetime, Ray Guard products are a precious and inexpensive tool for well-being and health today to protect your family, your employees and your animals in the long term in our technological environment.

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Courtesy: Prof Meier, Oberbühren, Switzerland