‘Obtain better nights of sleep, protected by Ray Guard’


RayGuard Products

After several major American cities, after the city of Vaud in Switzerland, Brussels in turn suspends the development of 5G to protect the health of its citizens. And how did you protect yourself? 

When a connected meter, high voltage line, wind farm, mobile phone relay is installed near you, your animals and you quickly feel the negative effects.

We do not see the electromagnetic waves, yet each year since the advent of machines, electricity, wi-fi and mobile devices, the electro-magnetic density in our environment increases and we suffer silently (tinnitus, various disorders, less vitality, see our brochure/video).

To not protect yourself, is ruining progressively your health.

RayGuard is the Swiss solution for EMF wave protection.

Created in 1998 by an electro-sensitive engineer, Ray Guard is the leader in reference anti-electomagnetic wave products in Switzerland, inspired the Swiss anti-electromagnetic wave laws of 1998 and 2008 and consequently, the European directive of 2013.

Investing in RayGuard products, often with an unlimited lifetime, is a wise, effective and economical precaution for your health, your family, your employees.

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