Bio Energy is a company with about 50 employees, specialised in micro-organisms, which has won several local and European awards. It is the largest privately owned agricultural natural technology company in Northern Europe. The company, certified ISO 9001:2008, selected by the EU funds, is growing at a rate of around 100% each year.

Based in Lithuania for 3 generations, named Bio-energy in 2013, it now sells its products in more than 20 countries, including Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Kazakstan etc. Tocrop is the importer Bioenergy for France&Benelux.

With Bioenergy solutions, farmers can produce their own low carbon fertilisers, on their own farm, in an ecological way that does not damage the soil as chemical fertilisers do and cheaper with synthesis fertilisers. Bioenergy has a bio certificate by Ecocert and is recognised in biodynamy by Demeter international.

Download the Bioenergy presentation here.

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