Integrated Biological Control

The swallow population has decreased in Europe by more than 84% in 10 years, more than 90% in North America, especially because swallows no longer find in farms the almost closed buildings, the mud, the animal heat, the insects near the wetlands that they need, and yet swallows eat a lot of mosquitoes, protecting you, especially pregnant women, and of course from the dangerous diseases that mosquitoes carry nowadays (Nile fever, Zica etc.). Reinstalling artificial swallow nests not only saves an emblematic species, national symbol of Estonia, but also improves your health and the comfort of your animals, ridding them of the insects that bite them, causing them stress and loss of milk production.

Farmers commit to saving swallows: installation of Tocrop/René Geymann nests in Montagney (25)

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Nid artificiel d'hirondelles des fenètres

Download the symbol of recognition of farms and individuals who are committed to the protection of swallows, to be installed in front of your farm or your house

Make the world better and more healthy by participating in integrated biological control through the preservation of biodiversity !