TOCROP: IMPORT-EXPORT of Solutions without pesticids
for Green Cities, Farmers, Gardeners and Households

Who are we?

Tocrop is the official importer for France&Benelux of innovative, environmentally sustainable, clean and low carbon solutions for green cities, farmers, gardeners and private households.


A Native American legend says that one day, a huge fire broke out in a forest. All the animals helplessly watched this sad spectacle. Alone, a hummingbird exhausted itself on its way back and forth between the river and the fire to release drop after drop of water onto the fire. At one point, the armadillo reacts by telling the hummingbird: ” What are you doing ? You can’t put out the fire with your drops! “. The hummingbird replied, “I know. But I’m doing my part ”.

With our products and the benefits they bring, our customers and we are also doing our part for a cleaner, safer, more secure future.
We help to:
– give back dignity and the respect they deserve to farmers
– reduce poverty and suicides in rural areas
– fight against environmental destruction
– avoid physical pain&waste of natural resources
– health problems among urbans, farmers & gardeners
– reduce chemical pollution
– protect against excessive and uncontrolled radiations/waves that damage the Health of herds and humans
– reduce greenhouse effect gaz in cities and countrysides
We help improve the well-being of animals, soils, plants and humans.


Our objective is to make use of new organic and innovative products to create a better quality of life, high added value, thus helping to protect the Environment, Health and the world we will leave to our children.


Tocrop is a Luxembourg SARL established on 22 nd of November 2017
Establishment number: 10085030/0; RCSL B219394; VAT number: LU29798715.
On June 4, 2018, Ms. Riona Drangsfeldt joined the company.
On December 1, 2019, Ms. Eniko Szucs joined the company.
Our warehouses and stocks of products are located in Luxembourg at Transalliance, which provides us with reliable and fast multi-country logistics. Customers are notified by text message and can thus organize the reception of their order as best they can. We use biodegradable cardboard boxes, with QR code, and biodegradable scotch tape. In 2024, our bags will also be biodegradable and our carbon emissions fully offset, thus obtaining 100% environmental logistics.

Model farm

The founder owns a 180 ha model farm in the Centre Region of France which you can make an appointment to visit. His farm was awarded the departmental prize in April 2018 in the ‘Concours des Territoires’ which promotes biodiversity.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

The company donates 1 % of its turnover to NGO’s who work for a better and more responsible lifestyle like The 2nd Chance foundation: Offers people a second chance in life

Tocrop was invited to participate in the European Nexus Summit,, in Rotterdam on 24-26 April 2018.

Carbon Neutrality

Tocrop already has a partnership program with the NGO Graine de Vie. In 2024, we aim to balance all our carbon emissions and become a certified company “Carbon neutral” and “Plastic neutral”.