The alternative to plant health products to reduce production costs and improve environmental impact

The range of Penergetic products make it possible to use informed natural products in place of pesticides or artificial bacteria’s, to restore and optimize at a lower cost all aspects of natural vitality, on arable, wine growing, horticultural or livestock farms. By replacing step by step chemical products by natural vitalising products (from 50 to 100 % less pesticide for vines and vegetables and at least 20% less fertilizer for field crops), the economic and ecological impact of this vitalization benefits the farm manager, his family, the sustainability of the farm and its environment.

Penergetic products which are widely used in Austria, the most “organic” country in Europe (20% of farms), now used on 200 000 ha in Bulgaria in less than 6 years and on more than a million and a half hectares in Brazil, penergetic products are one of the recognized as a keys to a more efficient, more profitable, cleaner, of High Environmental Value, without chemicals or residues.

Penergetic products comply with the EC regulation: 834/2007 of products usable in organic agriculture, certified by Certisys, and are in the Demeter International database.