The alternative to phyto-sanitary products
to reduce production costs and improve the environmental impact

The range of Penergetic products makes it possible to use inexpensive (frequency) informed natural products in place of pesticides to restore and optimize at a lower cost all aspects of the natural vitality of vineyards, field crops, horticulture & orchards and breeding farms. By gradually replacing synthetic products with natural vitalization products (50 to 100% less pesticides in vines and at least 20% less synthetic fertilizers and irrigation in field crops), the economic impact and ecological of this natural vitalization benefits the farmer, his family, the sustainability of his farm and the environment.

Penergetic products are widely used in Austria, the most “organic” country in Europe (20% of the surface area) and in around thirty countries around the world, they are recognized as one of the keys to more efficient and profitable agriculture. , cleaner, of High Environmental Value, without synthetic products or residues. They also allow to reduce ones own carbon footprint.

The penergetic products comply with EC regulation: 834/2007 for products usable in organic farming, certified by Certisys, and are in the Demeter International database.

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