AquaKat Model L 5001 Special Pool & Jacuzzi


Spring water quality from your tap, suitable for home, agriculture and industry.

  • Easily fitted
  • Maintenance-free
  • Works without chemicals
  • No running costs
  • Many satisfied users
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100% écological water softener which restructures permanently by molecular resonance the water of your swimming pool, jaccuzzi, spa, balancing also its pH. The Aquakat L N°5001 allows not to use any chemicals for swimming pool management and generates permanently a quasi-thermal quality clear water.
Adapted for swimming pools, jaccuzzis, spas up to 30m3 of volume.
Lenght of pipe : up to 80 m
– Easy to install: you install it along the pipe, after all filters you may have.
– Works permanently without maintenance, electricity or chemicals
– Anti limescale and anti-rust for your pipes and installations
– No maintenance costs
– Improves Health&skin, keeps the water quality exceptionnal and protects your installations.
– Already very popular in Australia 2 years after its commercial launch.
– Lifespan: more than 15 years


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