Anti-food wastage fridge patch: Fridge Fresh

The Swiss reference in the fight against food waste

Product presentation

Presentation of the need: 
Food waste reaches on average, per year and per person, 20 kgs in France, 48 kgs in the Netherlands and 123 kgs in Luxembourg. In France, the cost of this waste is on average 160 euros per year and per person, 640 euros per year for a family of 4 people. To fight against this waste, which is harmful to the environment, this loss reduces the family standard of living and to reduce the use of chemical preservatives by the fruit and vegetable industry, the Swiss company Svitec has developed the Fridge Fresh.
Developed by Svitec, a simple patch installed in your fridge, your refrigerated display case, your display or your fruit basket, its homeopathic vitalisation restructures the water in the food, neutralises the release of ethylene and thus naturally slows down the rotting of fresh food. It therefore helps to keep them consumable for longer, thus reducing food waste, financial losses, bad smells, bad microbes and the use of plastic. No maintenance, no chemicals. Ideal at home, for fridges, market gardeners, markets, supermarkets, fruit baskets at the office, at the hotel.

Information on the product

Durability: 1 year in open space, 3 years in fridge
Efficiency: 2 stickers “Fridge Fresh” per fridge up to 500 l of volume, one for 150 l in semi-open display coolers, one per fruit basket or one per 100 l of volume on shelving display.
Delivery: Each package contains 2 Fridge Fresh stickers.
Installation: 2 Stickers must face each other on either side of the fridge.
Usual results: 4 more days+ to eat your fruits, vegetables and any open yogurt.

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