Aquakat: Tap water becomes permanent spring water in your home!


The new generation of water softener-vitalizers
100% ecological, that replaces old chemical water softeners!


What is the Aquakat?

The Aquakat is an innovative Swiss device, with no filter, no electricity and no hidden costs, which, simply clipped onto a pipe, permanently restructures the water in the pipe next to it, silently, by physical resonance of the properties programmed into the Aquakat. Limescale and rust are no longer deposited. Your water thus regains the natural structure and vitalizing properties of original spring water.
Here above: the installed Aquakat is turning without any maintenance for many years the tap water into permanent spring water for the whole home!

Benefits of the Aquakat

Replacing softener, anti-limescale filters, filter cartridges and magnetic appliances more advantageously, more ecological and more economical the Aquakat once installed will give the happy owner the following advantages for at least 15 years without maintenance:
– Absence of scale and lime-scale deposits in pipes, sinks, toilets, dishes and appliances.
– Absence of rust and other metal traces in pipes, sinks, toilets, dishes and appliances. 
– Complete protection of floor heating. 
– Fresh and vitalized well-tasting water in the whole house. 
– Fresh and vitalized water beneficial to digestion, sleep and health.
– Fresh and vitalized water making laundry softer and more pleasant to the touch.
– Better structured water allowing for reduced doses of detergent and other household products

Benefits of the Aquakat: Improving headaches

Carrying an Aquakat model S in your pocket or putting one in your pillowcase when you sleep will vitalize the water in your body (75% of your weight), will make this water thinner and better structured and as a consequence many clients report a clear improvement in reducing their headaches.
Watch a client testimony:

Benefits of the Aquakat for cheese producer

By vitalising the water, the Aquakat is creating a vivid water that is not a suitable environment for the Pseudomonas virus that damages the cheese. Within two or three months you will see the situation being solved, saving a lot of pain and money for cheese producers.
Watch a client testimony about cheese producing:

Benefits of the Aquakat for Dairy Farmers

The installation of an Aquakat is a very profitable decision for dairy farmers. The water being much more vitalised the animals are on average drinking 15% more per day. They eat and digest better and you will see those benefits on your animals and barns:
  • Clearer drinking troughs, easier to clean and needing on average 3x spent cleaning less time, saving a lot of cost and maintenance
  • Better milk production per day and per cow. Read this test
  • Better quality of milk with usually less cells
Watch a client testimony:

Benefits of the Aquakat for Restaurants

Many restaurants install an aquakat behind their counter and place the containers of liquids (wine, fruit juice, tea etc) ordered by their customers next to the aquakat for a few moments. By revitalising the water, when customers are served, the aromas express themselves much better and customers are very happy with this improvement in taste. Many 5-star hotels have equipped themselves for their own enjoyment and that of their guests. For example, we have equipped Luxembourg’s best-known hotel-restaurant in 2019 and they are delighted with their choice.

Ecological life with an Aquakat

Investing in Aquakat will not only improve your ecological footprint and your standard of living and save you time, it will also improve your quality of life while protecting the environment from water in plastic bottles  and saving electricity, and the chemical accessories of the old softeners. For livestock farmers  the fitting of Aquakat in your barn will improve the health and productivity of your animals and make it possible to reduce veterinary costs.
Very popular in Southeast Asia where it protects economically many outdoor wall air conditioning, chosen by many hotels and developers in Europe, already chosen by some Sofitel Hotels, aquakat is also used by the French navy in several of its naval bases. More than 80 000 aquakat have already been sold in more than 20 countries. Aquakat is widely used by athletes.

Client testimony (Ets Mamylac – Malmedy)

The photos (on left side) provided from last year, were taken inside a water heater with a 2000W resistance in a farm in the Malmedy area where the water contains a level of limestone higher than 45°F. An Aquakat L was immersed in the water heater for approximately one month. The pictures (on left side) show a clear evolution of the limestone layer on the resistance which decreases after 1 month.

Swimming pool experience sharing

Discover the new Aquakat 5001 Swimming Pool, very popular in Australia!
Penergetic has created a special Aquakat for swimming pools, the Aquakat 5001 which provides the following benefits:
– Extremely transparent water                                                  – Quality thermal spring water
– Flotation line free of deposits or marks                                 – Disappearance of the taste of chlorine
– Extremely protected skin                                                        – Feeling of sweetness of honey
Discover the video of our colleagues in Australia where the product is very popular:

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