Tocrop offers its customers the following services:


1 Technical follow-up

Tocrop will explain how to best use our products so that you obtain the full potential from using them. Tocrop can also register you on our specialized mailing lists so that know-how concerning the best use of our products is disseminated and experiences and information are shared. Local meeting or meeting of specialised groups also enables the optimal use of our products.

Our training sessions also allow you to learn how to the use of our products.

2 After sales service

Many of our products have a guarantee of 5 years for material and manufacturing; our advisors are there to take your calls and answer any requests.

 3 Delivery

Using computers to track our deliveries, we can inform you of the delivery date of your orders which will minimize waiting time and optimize the reception.

 4 Study trips

Visiting Swiss, Austrian or Brazilian farmers or local administrations to learn from their experience and advice is a great opportunity to learn new and valuable modern methods.

A study trip to Switzerland is planned in November 2019, and a study trip to Brazil is planned for February 2020. Please contact us.