For our premium customers, Tocrop offers several free services:

1 Occupational health

Once a month, on the premises in Luxembourg for those who are nearby and via video conference for those who are too far from Luxembourg, a specialist physiotherapist will explain how better to treat the daily health problems that we have at work on farms, in hotels, in offices, and at home. How to stay fit:

– When sitting for 8 to 10 hours a day in front of a screen in an office?

– When sowing for 15 hours a day and handling heavy bags for weeks on end?

– When standing up for 6 hours, leaning towards customers on one side of the counter and products on the other side during all this time?

– When harvesting for 15 hours a day?

And when bothered by tendonitis, torticollis, backaches, how to get to better with simple gestures in order to regain full health as quickly as possible at work?

These sessions are highly valued by our customers and contribute to their well-being and productivity.

2 Business speed dating

We have hotel and restaurant clients who want to find and cook quality products for their customers on the one hand.

We have farmer, livestock, horticultural and fruit growing clients who buy our range of agricultural products and who want to sell directly to their customers in order to profit from the quality of their products and who are looking for hotel or restaurant customers on the other hand.

We simply organize the fulfilment of these wishes.

On our premises in Luxembourg, our agricultural producers will present their products and their know-how for 5 minutes and our restaurant and hotel clients will watch their presentations. Then, each producer sits at a separate table and the people he has made interested during his presentation will come and discuss a possible business relationship with him which we will not be part of. The film presenting the farm of each of these producers will be projected during the 5 minutes of presentation on a screen behind him or her to increase transparency. If the producer is not able to participate in person, we will show the film of his farm and say a few words about the farmer.

This process allows buyers and producers to obtain good products and fair prices for both parties, contributing to increasing the value of farming and livestock products and to quality food in restaurants and hotels.

3 Internships/traineeships

Our agricultural producers often wish that their children as part of their summer jobs discover new horizons acquire new know-how, experience new cultures, and learn new skills. We can suggest opportunities.

4 A community of users

Once a month, on our premises in Luxembourg and/or by video conference, users of Aquakat, Penergetic products, Ray Guard and/or Svitec meet to share their personal experience, their results, and tips and tricks to optimise results. This community of users allows each of its members to share and optimize their results from using penergetic, Ray Guard or Svitec products. Each meeting is dedicated to a specific product. Participants can remain anonymous if the wish. The ‘Hotel’ Group and the “penergetic B” Group are currently the most active.