The world benchmark for anti-wave chips

Very popular in the most advanced countries, market reference, more than one million Svitec chips have already been sold in the US.

As a joint venture between Penergetic and RayGuard, Svitec produces chips which have a double effect:

  • anti-wave effect thanks to Ray Guard technology 
  • vitalizing effect to help the body defend itself against the negative effects of electro-magnetic waves thanks to Penergetic technology

At a time when many telephone manufacturers are being pinned by the supervisory authorities, Svitec chips:

  • enable electro-sensitive people to live a normal life,
  • reduce office workers’ fatigue from screen work
  • secure pace-makers
  • protect the fetus in pregnant women
  • protect men’s fertility
  • reduce stress, migraines and nervous fatigue
  • improve concentration, productivity at work and the feeling of well-being in the presence of electrical or electronic devices, especially mobile phones.

For businesses, custom Svitec chips are also popular as customer gifts and employee bonuses.

The booklets in which the chips are packaged are made from recycled paper and vegetable ink, allowing complete composting for gardens or flowerpots.

Good to know:

  • Put your mobile phone in the chest pocket of your shirt, by the heart, for a few minutes or a few hours. If you experience negative effects (accelerating heart beat, migraine, heat, fatigue etc.), you need Svitec protection. Buy here!
  • If you feel tired or if you have a headache after long hours of work in front of a computer screen, you should fit it with two chips and you will quickly feel an improvement.