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Fridge Fresh

Presentation of the need: Food waste averages 20 kg per year per person in France, 48 kg in the Netherlands and 123 kg per person per year in Luxembourg. To fight against this waste which is damaging to the environment, Svitec has been developing the Fridge fresh.

Product: Developed by Svitec, it is a simple patch installed in your fridge, display coolers, shelving or fruit baskets, it helps to keep food fresh for longer, thus limiting wastage, loss, smell and use of plastic. No maintenance.

Ideal at home, in fridges, market gardeners, market stall holders, supermarkets, fruit baskets in the office, in hotels. For more information contact us at: fridgefresh@tocrop.com

Durability: 1 year in open space, 3 years in fridge

Efficacy: 2 stickers “Fridge Fresh” per fridge up to 500 l of volume, one for 150 l in semi-open display coolers, one per fruit basket or one per 100 l of volume on shelving display.

Delivery: Each package contains 2 Fridge Fresh stickers.

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