RayGuard anti-waves solutions,

the safe choice of european breeders

Why protect yourself from electrosmog?

  • After the World Health Organization classified the airwaves in 2011 as « potential carcinogens ».
  • After the official airwaves warning in the state of California in 2012,
  • After wifi networks were banned in France in day care centers,
  • After many scientists and cities are now calling for a halt to the deployment of 5G,
  • After mobile phone manufacturers have been pinpointed by consumer associations for excessive radiation,
  • After scientists have proven the harmful effect of the waves on spermatogenesis, on male fertility, but also on the hemato-encephalic barrier protecting the brain,
  • After the Active Denial System wave weapons were used for crowd control,
  • After the introduction of the European legal obligation for employers to protect their employees,
  • After the tragedies that are affecting more and more unprotected dairy farmers, located near antennas and wind turbines, unlike those equipped with RayGuard solutions
  • Citizens are increasingly aware, despite the efforts of pro-wave financial lobbies, of the risks of uncontrolled electromagnetic pollution around us. In this harmful environment, all that remains is the choice of individual protection, as hundreds of breeders in Switzerland, Germany and Austria have already done, happy to see the real positive and easily measurable effects of RayGuard solutions on health and productivity of their animals, as well as on their own health.
“Obtain better nights of sleep, protected by RayGuard”
Courtesy: Professor Marinelli, Researcher at IGM-CNR Bologna, Italy

Observation for citizens

Research by the Department of Molecular Engineering at the University of Bologna, confirmed by the German specialist Dr. Doepp in Munich, has shown that human cells exposed to 900mhz waves (mobile phones, computers) renew themselves much better in the presence of the Swiss Ray Guard wave protection (Test University of Bologna).
Consequently, near antennas, wind turbines, high voltage lines and telephone relays, in the city, the introduction of Ray Guard protection in houses, bedrooms allows Humans to sleep more restfully, no longer waking up tired and irritable. The atmosphere in the family and the atmosphere at work is improving.

How does RayGuard work?

RayGuard products are a mixture of specific minerals and Rare Earths, known for their wave absorbing and diffracting properties. 
RayGuard technologies are also used in the paints of American stealth aircraft, invisible to radar waves. 
RayGuard technologies are among the few anti-wave products in the world whose positive effects on the blood and brain have been scientifically proven in several countries.
Courtesy: Prof Meier, Oberbühren, Switzerland

The RayGuard solution for breeders

Since animals are more sensitive to waves than humans, in Austria and Switzerland, countries that are very sensitive to the problems generated by artificial waves, several hundred breeders have already installed RayGuard anti-waves products in their stables and see the well-being and productivity of their animals improve. RayGuard products are often recommended by geobiologists.
RayGuard installation by dairy Farmers

Choosing RayGuard as your solution

Ray Guard is the Swiss anti-waves solution since 1998. Created by an electro-sensitive engineer, Ray Guard inspired the Swiss anti-waves laws of 1998 and 2008, and consequently the European anti-waves directive of 2013. More than one million Ray Guard chips, in partnership with Svitec, have already been sold in the USA, making it one of the chips, if not the most sold chip in the world.
Sold in more than 40 countries, with an unlimited lifespan, Ray Guard products are a valuable and inexpensive tool today for Well-being and Health to protect your health, your family, your employees, your animals in our technological environment polluted by electrosmog.

The RayGuard solution for electric vehicles

Driving an electric car, in the electric fields generated by the batteries, is more tiring than with a thermal vehicle. Driving a lorry, tractor, harvester, various machines for long hours, with radio and telephone waves in the cab, is also nervously tiring. Installing a RayGuard Mobil or Body&Car improves your productivity, health, concentration and reduces fatigue at the end of the day.

Use RayGuard to sleep better and deeper

6,7,8 hours a day, your body slows down and regenerates during sleep. Protecting your body from the surrounding waves during this phase allows you to sleep deeper and recover better. RayGuard solutions are your permanent and useful guardians so that you can enjoy the next day with full energy. The RayGuard Energy Set, while protecting you from the waves, diffuses the atmosphere and scent of Swiss pine, an essential oil known for its soothing properties. It is widely used in high-end hotels in Switzerland and Austria for their pregnant and important guests.

RayGuard video

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