Penergetic K


Roting agent for optimized composting

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Soil and Compost Enhancer penergetic k

Take advantage of biostimulation with the Penergetic technology for accelerated decomposting and better in-barn environment.

The product reduces the unpleasant odour from compost, manure to a natural level. The composting process itself is accelerated and optimized, the final product (humus) becomes enriched by the aerobic rotting processes.

In-barn situation are improved by a reduction of ammonia emissions.

Why penergetic k

In order to convert organic matter back to plant-available nutrients it has to be composted. One of the key factor for a high quality is the rotting process.

An important health factor is the climate situation in the stable, with an optimized climate the health und quality of the animals can be improved

⇒ penergetic k accelerates the rotting process and improve the in-barn situation

Benefits – Stable

  • Improves compost quality
  • Mitigates in-Barn odours
  • Supports increased humus formation

Product Details

For details on application and dosages – see Application.
Designation: composter, organic fertilizer
Carrier materials: bentonite, molasses
Approved according to EC-Regulation ‘Organic farming’ 834/2007


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