20 January 2023

The European Commission denounces officially the arbitrary and non justified decisions of the french ANSES  against  Bioenergy&Tocrop. France is under threat of an infraction procedure if it does not allow Tocrop to serve french farmers with the same innovative low carbon organic solutions from Bioenergy as farmers use in other EU countries.

Official opinion of the  European Commission  of 20.01.2023



Azofix Plus

16th November 2022

Tocrop starts to train freely in the know how “How to face droughts” farmers and cities in “How to make a city a sponge”. This conference happens now regularly in various places.Information: [email protected]

Article l’Est Républicain

Conférence Tocrop de Rigney (25)


Tocrop was exhibitor at those fairs

Salon des Négoces du Midi-Pyrénées
Terres en Fête
Foire d’Ettelbruck
Foire de Libramont
Foire de Battice
Festival NLSD
Agronov “Sol et Biosolutions”
Leeuwarden Landbouwers