Tap water: spring water forever in your home!

AQUAKAT : Tap water becomes spring water again                     

The new generation anti-limescale & anti-rust appliances that replace water softeners                           

The Aquakat is an innovative Swiss device which,  without  filter, electricity or additional  costs simply clips on to a pipe and, ‘setting the tone’ a little  like  an opera singer, silently through physical resonance as programmed into the Aquakat recreates the natural structure and the vitalizing  properties of original source water.
Replacing softener, anti-limescale filters, filter cartridges and magnetic appliances more advantageously, more ecological and more economical the Aquakat once installed will give the happy owner the following advantages for 
15 years:

– Absence of scale and lime-scale deposits in pipes, sinks, toilets, dishes and appliances.
– Absence of rust and other metal traces in pipes, sinks, toilets, dishes and appliances. 
– Complete protection of floor heating. 
– Fresh and vitalized well-tasting water in the whole house. 
– Fresh and vitalized water beneficial to digestion, sleep and health.
– Fresh and vitalized water making laundry softer and more pleasant to the touch.
– Better structured water allowing for reduced doses of detergent and other household products. 

Investing in Aquakat will not only improve your ecological footprint and your standard of living and save you time, it will also improve your quality of life while protecting the environment from water in plastic bottles  and saving electricity, chemical products and softener. For livestock farmers  the fitting of Aquakat in your barn will improve the health and productivity of your animals and make it possible to reduce veterinary costs.

Very popular in Thailand where it protects economically many outdoor wall air conditioning, chosen by many hotels and developers in Europe, aquakat is also used by the French navy in several of its naval bases. More than 80 000 aquakat have already been sold in more than 20 countries.

Aquakat is widely used by athletes. 

It is possible to pay in two to three instalments without charge: Just contact us: aquakat@tocrop.com         


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