By creating additional high value added for our final clients we contribute to reducing poverty in rural areas, fighting against the destruction of the environment, avoiding hard physical labour and waste of natural resources and improving the well-being of animals, plants and human beings.


Our goal is to deliver as close as possible to our final clients new innovative Swiss products, in order to create a better quality of life and a high value added and thereby contribute to protecting the environment and public health.


Tocrop is a SARL-S (simplified limited liability company) registered in Luxembourg which was created by Philippe Benoit Durey at the end of November 2017. 

  • On June 4, 2018, Ms. Riona Drangsfeldt joined the company.
  • On December 1st 2019, Mrs Eniko Szucs joins the company.

Registration number: RCSL B219394. VAT number: LU29798715

We develop a network of distributors in our area, we train and support them, and we organize field days and publicity in order to inform the public of the utility of Penergetic, Aquakat, Svitec and Rayguard products.

Our stocks are situated in Luxembourg at

Model farm

We own a 180 ha model farm in the Centre Region of France which you can make an appointment to visit. Our farm was awarded the departmental prize in April 2018 in the ‘Concours des Territoires’ which promotes biodiversity.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

The company donates 1 % of its turnover to NGO’s who work for a better and more responsible lifestyle like:

The client can select which NGO he wants to support through his purchase

Tocrop was invited to participate in the European Nexus Summit,, in Rotterdam on 24-26 April 2018.

Carbon Neutrality

Tocrop plants trees in Mongolia to balance its carbon emissions as part of the ‘Great Green Wall’ in Mongolia.


List of distributors

Distributors The Netherlands
Distributors Belgium 
Distributors Luxembourg
Distributors France