A Luxembourg company, Tocrop selects innovative organic technologies for health, well-being and sustainable development in Switzerland and is the official importer-distributor in France & Benelux of:

Penergetic: Organic vitalization & bioactivation products for agriculture, livestock farming, green spaces and composting. Penergetic also produces Aquakat which restores the natural vitalized structure of water, as well as its perfect anti-limescale and anti- rust effect.

Ray Guard: The reference since 1998 in natural anti-wave & anti-stress products, helping to restore natural vitality, protect pregnancy, secure regenerative sleep in the bedroom and create healthy indoor air, at home, in the office or in the car.

Svitec: A joint venture between penergetic and Ray Guard, Svitec has developed the world’s best-known anti-wave chip. Svitec has also developed the famous Fridge Fresh (aka Fresh Wave) to reduce food waste.

Tocrop: Solve your problems by choosing Swiss quality for Wellness at the office, at home, at the hotel and on the farm.